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Thermal management and battery management for electric vehicles, different lighting concepts, key-less access to unlock or lock the vehicle are some of the functions developed and tested by our colleagues in the Business Unit – Systems.

Hot or cold? – To ensure that the batteries in the electric vehicle are not overheated or discharged, the thermal management function consists of advanced algorithms that heat and cool the batteries, the electric motor, and the interior of the electric vehicle. All three elements are balanced to avoid draining the batteries.

Pimp my ride! – Interior lighting system enables the driver to increase visual comfort allowing to configure between different color palettes. The ambient light module controls interior lighting system. The color palette adapts depending on the climate mode, for example blue palette shows cooling and orange-red palette shows heating. The exterior of the vehicle can run different light modes depending on the driver’s actions (locking, unlocking, door exit assistant, crash event).

Charged! – The high voltage battery consists in a complex system that efficiently manages the battery packs for vehicles with electric motor.

The battery and all its parameters such as charge status, output power and thermal management are managed by external battery management controller (BMC).

The BMC communicates with the control units of the electric motors as well as with the cell module controls (CMC), which monitors power, voltage, and temperature of the modules. The battery junction box (BJB), in which the high-voltage relays and fuses are integrated, is the electrical interface of the vehicle.