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ProIT Academy

ProIT Academy

If the specialists of todays want to remain the specialists of tomorrow, the gained knowledge must be maintained at the highest level of the existing technology and it is absolutely necessary for them to permanently learn and develop themselves.

The efficient development of functionalities in the fields Chassis Control, ADAS, Infotainment etc. needs both a large variety of methods that are appropriate both for development and testing and numerous tools and automations.

In order to reach the highest standards for the elements mentioned above, it was decided to found the ProIT ACADEMY.


Starting with the recruitment processes and technical testings, ProIT Academy gathers all human resource activities, from which the colleagues in the company benefit.

Through an individual, carefully structured plan of “Getting Started”, the new colleagues of ProIT are guided and integrated fast and easily into teams and projects.

You shall receive both technical and personal development trainings, but also various opportunities of using and improving your competences.
Through ProIT Academy you can become from a good colleague, a great colleague!

ProIT cooperates with the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu.
Students who work part-time in our company during their studies, are assisted with the elaboration of research projects, license works and dissertation and doctor works.

The improvement and implementation of internal processes, ProIT MyNet, the development of tools and trainings complete the activities for which the ProIT ACADEMY department is responsible.