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Junior tester

Junior Tester

Neagu Adriana3 (2)

The first steps are the most important in life, this is also true for the career. The first job is the one that educates you and makes you more responsible; this was also my case. From the moment I joined the big ProIT family, the warmth and openness with which I was received in the ProIT team made me call ProIT today a family. From the beginning I was sustained and encouraged to develop myself, having the opportunity to work in various parts of the projects. Within the team, I had the opportunity to consolidate my knowledge already acquired during my student years, but also to accumulate new experience. Within the company I had the opportunity to develop both my professional and communication skills.

Regarding the professional side, I had a lot to learn from experienced colleagues. They have always been open and eager to share their knowledge. During all this time I had their support and confidence that I will manage the new challenges in the project. Regarding the communication skills, during the period spent at ProIT, I have learned to express my ideas and opinions, being always heard by my colleagues with great interest. I learned what communication really means and how important it is in teamwork. I am proud to work in a company like ProIT, where I have all the necessary tools to pursue a successful career.