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The term INFOTAINMENT consists of two words – Information & Entertainment.



Because of the legal regulations and especially of the different needs of people from other continents, these functionalities differ from region to region. The Infotainment systems want to keep up with the state of the art technology in the automotive industry and to subdue the owner through the attractiveness and safety. The complexity of the system needs a high number of functionalities and combinations between such functionalities. Such a system needs to cover a large number of requirements and a high level of care for safety and functionality during its development and testing process.

The colleagues of the Infotainment department handle development, automation and testing end-to-end. These can be done manually or automatically, depending on specifications.

The development, automation and testing activities are completed by the development of software tools needed for that.

The result is a functional system that meets the highest standards.

The Infotainment field comprises a large variety of functionalities like navigation, telephone, radio – TV, audi-video media