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Safety & Connectivity

Safety & Security & Connectivity

The advanced driver assistant systems are designed to increase the comfort and joy of the driver while driving and to
protect the occupants in case of an unforeseeable or emergency incident.


The driver assistant systems are meant to increase the comfort and joy of the driver during the drive and to protect the passengers in case of an unforeseeable or emergency event.

The assurance of the comfort is done via several equipment parts, which use the information obtained from the front camera, radar and sensors. The main function of the system, which assists the driver during the drive is to maintain the car on the traffic lane. The system reacts when the car tends to leave the lane without the driver signalizing this. Through the multimedia interface the driver can choose whether this assistance method is to be permanent or to be activated shortly before the driving over the marking. The driver can choose additional assistance through some vibrations sent to the steering wheel. At the same time the system offers assistance also when changing lanes, offering information about the state of the lane the driver wants to drive on (e.g the position of other vehicles, pedestrians, different obstacles).

By integrating and synchronizing all active and passive safety systems the highest level of protection for the driver, passengers, pedestrians and other traffic participants is assured. Via the sensors, which scan the proximity of the car, information is obtain, which prevents accidents or minimize their consequences. The passive systems include acoustic and visual warnings and the active ones include the pre-tensioning of safety belts, closing of windows and sun roof, activation of the brake pedal and regulation of head supports and seats.