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Sibiu is the county seat and the largest town of the Sibiu County. It is a cultural and academic, economical center of South Transilvania. The town is also an important player in the automotive industry. Thanks to its central location it concentrates all advantages of the nearshoring regions that have to be offered on the European map.


In 2007 Sibiu was European capital of culture together with Luxembourg. Sibiu is open to the national markets and the emerging markets in the eastern and southeastern borders of the European Union. The easy access by car, train and via the international airport makes Sibiu an attractive place for living, investments and tourism.

Flexibility is one of our strengths and therefore ProIT headquater is located in a central location, with modern offices, private parking and an easy and fast access from every part of the town.

The offices structured on 4 floors and an area of over 1.400 square meters offer a pleasant and modern work place. The building has a large lounge at the ground floor, which is used for lunch, coffee/tea breaks and other interactive activities for our colleagues and partners.