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The strategic partnership between AUDI AG and ProIT SRL has been created in 2007.


„ProIT has been supporting us as a strategic and competent partner in the development of innovative chassis control systems for many years. Especially the deep and good knowledge of the internal processes of Audi, the well-founded know how of mechatronic, the experience in the area of embedded software and test and the high affinity for the automotive area of the ProIT employees constitute the guarantee of excellent results.”

AUDI AG – Dr.-Ing. Ralf Schwarz, Head of Chassis Development Hybrid-/Electric Vehicles, Chassis Control


“The Team of ProIT consistently proves an extremely high degree of flexibility, professional competence and motivation.
Although the cooperation is just at the beginning and the development in the infotainment field is still a pioneering work, results can be already seen within the simulation and test automation. This cooperation works excellently both from the view of the work and from the perspective of the influence of the extremely dedicated management and owner.
The company has proven to keep its promises.”
AUDI AG – Dieter Niederkorn, Manager for Integration and Test Infotainment