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Connected Chassis

Connected Chassis

The functions in the Chassis Control field are meant to improve the comfort of passengers and the dynamic performance of the car.



The software controls the reaction of mechanical components in order to reduce the discomfort created by external factors such as: state of the road (humps, ditches, inclinations of the road) and internal factors such as: longitudinal forces for acceleration/deceleration or lateral forces in curves and the unequal load of the car (number of passengers, package or mobile home).

In order to improve the dynamic performance, the software calculates the distribution of the torque, which will be transferred by mechanical components either longitudinally (between the front and rear axis), or laterally (between the left and right side) or individually on each wheel. All improvements described above are based on the data received from various sensors within the car. Taking into account the fact that these projects are safety relevant, the processed data must have a high level of accuracy. The data received from physical sensors must be processed so that they can remove unwanted effects.